In a deadline-driven industry, we help simplify messages, generate new business, and deliver value.

Helped leading global manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and foodservice products retain a multi-million dollar account by developing a series of B2B product catalogs and sales training materials over the Christmas holiday and beyond. Currently developing a web-to-mobile sales portal. 
Created new brand for B2B product launch for niche market in the international insurance industry consisting of a monthly publication—digital and print editions, website and other branded materials. Our objective was to make all materials clean, visually enticing and easy to navigate in order to position the publication for strategic growth. Our client has received much positive feedback on the new materials and the transition has led to an increased subscription rate.
Created and developed a B2B marketing campaign and sales material for a leading world supplier of branded office products in time to launch sub brand executive line of bulletin boards, whiteboards, and calendar boards. Provided recommendations for branding. We thank this company for giving our studio a complimentary glass board and bulletin board which we use regularly!
Designed and developed a highly successful marketing campaign for a leading global healthcare company to create awareness for World Tuberculosis Day, pleasing one of their most challenging accounts.
Customized messaging for single channel brand development for several product lines. Efforts aided increase in client retail sales from $7 MM to $35 MM during a 1-year period.
Created an interactive catalog for a leading medical products company for use by sales reps on mobile devices. Key features include the ability to cross-reference and navigate across related documents, fill order entry forms for on-site client visits, and create note pages for quick reference.
Developed recommendations for branding, created packaging and pitch presentation for client niche market product lines, resulting in product placement in Costco, Walmart, Dollar General, and GNC nationally.
Created over 500 product and instructional illustrations for several Fortune 1000 companies for packaging and labeling, retail store displays, marketing collateral and websites. Worked closely with in-house departments to include key features and details.
Developed art for a textbook K-5 math program consisting of 6 Teacher Guides, 108 lessons, illustrations, and page layouts for 540 multi-layered activity sheets to be completed within 6-weeks for the upcoming school season. We were responsible for coordinating, organizing and managing this project with daily schedule updates for the client.
Product development and concept for an internationally known timepiece company to enter several new high-profile retail markets. Retouched and created environment images for use throughout the company's new website and on marketing collateral to show applications and settings for nearly 100 products.
Coordinated and developed multilingual product line packaging and labeling artwork and product collateral material, for several high-profile manufacturing companies. Worked with client business units, overseas packaging vendors and regulatory departments to insure accurate output.
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